• How We Work

      As a third party specialist we enjoy a unique position that works well for you and your customer – we always get the whole truth, and customers are flattered that you bring in a professional to tell their story.

      Customers can need to be sold the idea of taking part and as outsiders we can talk about benefits like peer recognition, and the chance to be featured in the press – Both much more powerful motives than just doing the account manager a favour!

      Before we make any contact with the customer, we establish several key points with the sales team:

      • Scope and nature of the work
      • Project challenges
      • Key Performance Indicators
      • How well KPIs were met
      • Business objectives
      • Success metrics
      • Key personalities
      • Client history

      We go in very well prepared, which of course means we get a much deeper insight from the customer.


    • Steady progress

      We also make sure that we are introduced to the senior manager who owned the strategic decision behind the project.

      This opens the door to further activities, such as being guest of honour a directors’ dinner, where they will tell others about the benefits of working with you, or getting them to take part in a video or speaking opportunity.