• Our Clients

      When you’ve been doing what we do for as long as we’ve done it, and to the standards we set, it’s no surprise that our client list includes some pretty big players.

      But whether you’re a global corporation or an SME, our approach is always to focus on how our clients help their customers overcome business challenges, be they service providers like lawyers and insurance brokers, or manufacturers, IT companies, or publishers.

      We also work for high-value consumer goods companies, including providing customer communications for businesses as diverse as British Airways, Jaguar Cars and General Motors.

      Our industry expertise is very broad:

      • Automotive
      • Aviation
      • Financial services
      • Healthcare
      • Hotels & catering
      • Insurance
      • IT & Software
      • Life sciences
      • Risk management
      • Manufacturing
      • Media and publishing
      • Transport and logistics

      The key to successful customer engagement is never to forget that we’re dealing with people – the emotions they bring to the job are the same, whichever career path or industry they follow.

      Once you understand how to get to the bottom of what keeps these people awake at night, then you’re halfway to providing a solution.


      Unrivalled contacts

      Over the course of our time delivering customer engagement programmes on behalf of our clients, we’ve worked with around 1,000 organisations from all walks of life, and across all five continents

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