• Changing Customer Behaviour

      Your first contact with a new customer is highly unlikely to be their first contact with you – they’ll have been right through your website to understand your value proposition and the first thing they check out is your customer references.

      They don’t want to know about bells and whistles and technical excellence, they want to know some simple things:

      • What was the business challenge?
      • How, and why, did they select you?
      • What did the project set out to do?
      • How well did it achieve its aims?
      • What was the working relationship like?
      • How has the business benefitted?

      Because we understand how businesses work across all departments, and have the benefit of an outsiders’s perceptive, people open up to us much more than to a supplier. This helps us give you a much clearer insight and produce stories that match your prospective customers’ needs.

      From a sales cycle where the sales person took charge, we now have a buying cycle, where 95% of the decision-making process takes place before there is any contact with the supplier.

      By working with your existing customers we help you maximise sales opportunities from new ones.

      Especially those you weren’t even aware of!