• A lot of people are convinced that the cloud is a good thing – I’m a firm believer that as a way of cutting down the costs of computing, it has a lot going for it.  As a technician I’m also delighted to see the news in today’s Sunday Times that Apple is about to launch a tablet that will be a bit of an iPhone on steroids


      Apple is making major strides in moving us along the road first foreseen by people like Isaac Asimov where ultimately the PC and Laptop as we know them will be as out of date as the typewriter is today. Instead we’ll all use very thin devices that communicate with the Internet and all our data, programmes and functionality will be stored in ‘The Cloud’. THis is not news to the SaaS community, but the rest of the world has yet to see beyond the convenience.

      From the perspective of carrying everything around, the cloud, thin devices and better access will be a good thing, as anyone who regularly uses an iPhone close to a hot spot will agree. The flipside is that every aspect of your life, what you watch, listen to, write, put on Twitter, etc, will be accessible to anyone with the ability to navigate around ‘The Cloud’ without you knowing it.

      While some of this access will be legal – if not legitimate – think Prevention of Terrorism, or PATRIOT Act, some will be criminal – ID fraud being an obvious one. Some will be benevolent, such as analysis of health trends, some will be purely malevolent.

      Right now we don’t have even an inkling of the potential changes that this will bring to our society, but, unlike Hollywood, here at Hot To Trot we’re not in the Armageddon camp, although we do think it is critically important for the companies that are making this all happen to bear in mind their Social Responsibility for the data they manage onbehalf of their customers.

      From what we’ve seen across much of the industry this is one of those thorny problems that everyone knows about but hopes someone else will pick up and deal with. From the perspective of our clients, we feel this is a key aspect of their marketing that needs not just to be addressed and stated openly, but form a bedrock of the way they bring their solutions to market.

      Do you have the same checks and balances?