• One day the cobbler’s child got fed up with all the other kids laughing at his tatty shoes, and came home weeping.

      His mother, alarmed at seeing him so distraught, finally found out the reason for his upset, and told him to invite all the other children to his father’s shop for tea the very next day.

      Sure enough, when they arrived, they were amazed to see the finest craftsmanship, beautiful leathers and vivid colours. As he showed them along the lines of lasts they asked “who is this one for?” Ah, that’s the Prime Minister’s, he buys three new pairs a year, he replied”.

      Then one of the children spotted an exquisitely dainty ladies last and inquired as to its owner. “That is the last of the Crown Princess, the most eligible young lady in the land,” he was told.

      And so  for the rest of the day they marvelled at the fine workmanship and beautiful shoes, even a pair that bore the name ‘Jimmy Choo’ on the last, until one of them plucked up enough courage to ask the cobbler why his own children were so poorly shod.

      “The answer to that is easy,” he beamed. “I’m too busy wiring for my clients, and sadly our own needs always come just that little bit lower down the pecking order.”

      Which of course is where we get the saying “cobbler’s shoes” from. And of course, we’re pretty much in the same boat ourselves.

      You may not see much on our blog here, which to be honest is because we prefer to be judged by the quality of our client work, but you will find our words and musings popping up on a raft of blogs, many for CEOs and MDs, and a fair few in international media.

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